How does this work?

It’s easy to have fun at little seeds! Drop in any time during business hours to play for as long as you’d like. Your admission covers same-day re-entry.  When you arrive, drop off your shoes and coats in our cubby area, then check in at the front desk to sign our play waiver and pay for your visit.  You can sign the waiver in advance by clicking on the “sign our waiver” tab at the bottom right of our website.  

We require socks to be worn by adults and children at all times in the play area to help keep our facility clean.

Last admission is 1 hour before closing each day to ensure you get adequate play time!

What are your policies?

We aim to keep things simple, so we just have a few straight-forward policies to follow.

  • No outside food allowed.  We are a nut-free facility, similar to most schools and daycare centers, and we take this quite seriously.
  • We have a variety of kid-friendly snacks and drinks available for purchase if the munchies strike while your little ones are playing!  Most snacks are $1 plus tax.  Please enjoy your snacks at the tables to help keep our space clean.
  • Parents/caregivers must stay on-site and supervise their children at all times.
  • Socks are required for children and adults (no shoes or bare feet).  Please see us at the front desk if you forgot yours. Our floor can be slippery; we do sell grippy socks for $2 plus tax if you’d like a pair.
  • No rough-housing
  • Strollers can be parked in our cubby area, but they are not allowed in the play area.
  • We don’t allow your child(ren) to bring their own toys into the play area.
  • Diapers must be changed in the bathroom.  We have changing tables and diaper pails in the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Can I bring my own snacks?

Unfortunately, no.  little seeds is a nut-free facility. Keeping our space safe is incredibly important to us, so we don’t allow outside food.  Snacks are available for purchase, and we have a little something for everyone, no matter your dietary restrictions. We’re parents to a child with egg and peanut allergies, so we’re experts at reading labels and finding healthy, kid-approved options. Snacks and drinks must be enjoyed at the tables in our party space to help keep our facility as clean as possible.

Our coffee and tea bar for adults is $4 plus tax with unlimited refills included.

How do you keep your space clean?

We have cleaning protocols in place, and we use natural, non-toxic disinfectants to clean all surfaces in our space daily. We also have a professional cleaner come in to deep clean and sanitize the entire space weekly. That being said, we do have to work together to keep little seeds clean and safe for everyone; please don’t visit if your child has had a fever in the last 24 hours, or if the stomach bug is making its way through your home. Most children rock a runny nose from November to May, but we want to keep little seeds as clean as possible. We have hand sanitizer available at the front desk, and encourage everyone to use it before and after playing. We appreciate your cooperation!

What else is there to do?

Glad you asked!  We want to keep things fresh, so we offer music classes, story time, make-and-take crafts, and other events to keep kids entertained and engaged. Many of our events are included with the price of admission. Extra charges and registration requirements for special events will be communicated in advance and added onto your admission cost. Check our calendar and social media channels for the latest info for all events at little seeds!

Can I have my child’s birthday party at little seeds?

Absolutely!  Our fun, whimsical space is the perfect place to host your child’s birthday celebration. We have 3 robust party packages to choose from, and lots of add-ons to customize your event.  We handle every last detail to help make your child’s day special and memorable. Visit our parties page for more information.

Can I drop my child off?

We are an adult-supervised play space, so we require that you stay with your child(ren) at all times. We don’t allow drop-offs unless otherwise specified for a special event.

Are you open during inclement weather?

We understand how hard it is to be cooped up in the house with energetic kids when it’s cold and snowy outside, but safety is our top priority. We will plan to delay opening or close when several inches of snow are expected. Please check our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages for announcements on any delays or closings due to inclement weather.

How much does it cost to play?

We currently have 3 admission options.  Admission for two adults and same day re-entry are included with each pass.

  • Single day pass
    • $13 first child
    • $10 each additional sibling
    • babies 9 months and under are free with paid sibling, or $7 without
    • MA sales tax will be added to each pass
  • 10-pack of passes
    • $104 for one child (20% savings)
    • $161 for two children (30% savings)
    • $231 for three children (30% savings)
    • babies 9 months and under are free with paid sibling
    • 10-packs do not expire
    • MA sales tax will be added to each pass
  • 30-day unlimited pass
    • $50 for one child
    • $75 for two children
    • $100 for three children
    • babies 9 months and under are free with paid sibling
    • come as many times as you’d like within a 30-day period!
    • MA sales tax will be added to each pass

Our space is designed for children aged 0-6.  Siblings over 6 years of age are allowed in free, but we ask that they do not interrupt playing for little ones.  We have lots of seating, as well as books and other activities available to entertain them if necessary.

Looking for an e-gift card?  Follow this link to purchase: e-gift cards

Where can I feed and change my baby?

We have a rocking chair in our “little woodland” area, and lots of seating to make feedings a little easier.  There are fold-down changing tables and diaper pails in both bathrooms; we ask that you do not change diapers anywhere but in the bathrooms to help keep our play areas clean and safe.